Common Conditions we treat

Some of the common conditions we treat

We are a team of Pediatricians and Pediatric Subspecialists. We specialize in treating a variety of conditions. Some of the common conditions we treat are mentioned below. Please setup an appointment with our Pediatrician if you believe your child needs to be evaluated. Have the peace of mind of always having a Pediatrician by your side.

We also have expertise in providing care for the medically complex child .We consult and manage complicated pediatric patients with home ventilator dependence, tracheostomy tube dependence, heart disease, feeding tube dependence, seizure disorders, genetic syndromes, and more. We can also prescribe new medications and refills.


Skin & Hair Conditions

RashesEczemaAcnePoison IvyPoison OakImpetigoMolluscumHead LiceCandidiasisOral ThrushDiaper RashHand, Foot, Mouth DiseaseSeborrheic DermatitisFifth DiseaseRingwormMinor CellulitisWart'sAllergic ReactionsCradle CapRosaceaScabiesAthlete's FootMouth SoresBug Bites

Respiratory Conditions

Upper Respiratory InfectionsUncomplicated Pneumonia'sLower Respiratory InfectionsAsthma ManagementSinusitisChronic CoughBronchiolitisBronchitisHome Ventilator ManagementBIPAP/ CPAP ManagementTracheostomy Tube CareSleep ApneaSnoringCare coordination with your Pulmonologist


FeverEar InfectionsFlu/ ColdSinus InfectionsThroat InfectionsTonsillitisStrep ThroatYeast InfectionsOral ThrushLyme's DiseaseChicken PoxMeaslesUrinary Tract Infection'sPink EyeConjunctivitisStye/ HordeolumCellulitisCandidiasisCOVID-19MononucleosisMycoplasma InfectionsStaph/ Strep Infections

Neurological Conditions

Medication Management of Seizure MedicationsADHD/ADDAutismPost Concussion ManagementInitial Evaluation of Closed Head InjuryHeadachesMigrainesCare Co-ordination with NeurologistDevelopmental Delay

GI/Stomach Conditions

Stomach FluDiarrheaVomitingReflux/ Spitting upConstipationFormula IntoleranceFailure to thriveMalnutritionPicky EatingManagement of G-TubeHeart BurnNutrition ConsultsCare Co-ordination with GI Specialist

Endocrine Conditions

Diabetes ManagementObesity and OverweightDietary CounsellingCare Co-ordination with Endocrinologist

Pre-travel consultation

MalariaMotion sicknessTraveler's diarrhea TyphoidZikaCOVID

Other Conditions

Minor Fall'sKnee PainShoulder PainWrist PainFinger PainHip PainLife TransitionsMinor Burn CarePre-Surgery EvaluationAdoption PlanningPost hospital discharge careMedication ManagementDepressionAnxietyPTSDStressPICC Line and Port-a-Cath Care