Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why choose Unlimited Pediatric Concierge's plan?

Please see the video which answers most of your questions about this plan. This plan is a perfect solution for families because of some of the points listed below:

  • Affordable: With a $49 per month per family for unlimited plan with no hidden costs. No Health Insurance needed. Use your debit, credit card, or HDHP. We pride ourselves for offering one of most affordable plans.

  • Convenient: Never leave your home to see a Pediatrician. See a doctor online in minutes from the comfort of your home. We are available to see you or talk to you. Doctors on demand.

  • Pediatric Specific: Specialized care for babies, children and young adults only. All our physicians are experienced and Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

  • Available: We are open 365 days a year from 6 am -11 pm every day. Connect to a Pediatrician Online in minutes anytime.

  • Prescriptions: We are licensed in most of the states (as listed) to call a new prescription or refill a prescription.

We are available to help your child and family.

What is Concierge Medicine? What is Pediatric Concierge Care?

Please click here to learn more about Concierge Medicine and Pediatric Concierge Plan.

Can we cancel the plan anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Just drop us an email at and we will cancel your plan and send you an email confirming the cancellation. We truly value our families and patients and will want to provide a service which adds value to you and gives you peace of mind. However, if for any reason you are not happy, let us know and we will do everything in our means to fix the issue.

Are your physicians board certified and experienced?

Yes, our physicians are board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and highly experienced. We only hire Pediatricians with over 5 years experience and have graduated from some of the top programs in the country. Most of our Pediatricians have Sub-specialty training as well! Our organization is focused on providing compassionate and high-quality care to each child, each family, every-time!

Our organizational values include

  • Compassion

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

Please go through our website to learn more about what we offer-

If you have any questions regarding the plan or general questions about your account, please dont hesitate to reach out to us at

What conditions or ailments can be managed through Telemedicine?

Our physicians can manage a lot of conditions and ailments through Virtual Visits. Some of the conditions are mentioned in the conditions tab above. Please see a few conditions mentioned in the chart below. Click on any link to learn more. If you or your loved one is experiencing severe symptoms, we strongly advise you to call 911 for immediate care.


Skin & Hair Conditions

RashesEczemaAcnePoison IvyPoison OakImpetigoMolluscumHead LiceCandidiasisOral ThrushDiaper RashHand, Foot, Mouth DiseaseSeborrheic DermatitisFifth DiseaseRingwormMinor CellulitisWart'sAllergic ReactionsCradle CapRosaceaScabiesAthlete's FootMouth SoresBug Bites

Respiratory Conditions

Upper Respiratory InfectionsUncomplicated Pneumonia'sLower Respiratory InfectionsAsthma ManagementSinusitisChronic CoughBronchiolitisBronchitisHome Ventilator ManagementBIPAP/ CPAP ManagementTracheostomy Tube CareSleep ApneaSnoringCare coordination with your Pulmonologist


FeverEar InfectionsFlu/ ColdSinus InfectionsThroat InfectionsTonsillitisStrep ThroatYeast InfectionsOral ThrushLyme's DiseaseChicken PoxMeaslesUrinary Tract Infection'sPink EyeConjunctivitisStye/ HordeolumCellulitisCandidiasisCOVID-19MononucleosisMycoplasma InfectionsStaph/ Strep Infections

Neurological Conditions

Medication Management of Seizure MedicationsADHD/ADDAutismPost Concussion ManagementInitial Evaluation of Closed Head InjuryHeadachesMigrainesCare Co-ordination with NeurologistDevelopmental Delay

GI/Stomach Conditions

Stomach FluDiarrheaVomitingReflux/ Spitting upConstipationFormula IntoleranceFailure to thriveMalnutritionPicky EatingManagement of G-TubeHeart BurnNutrition ConsultsCare Co-ordination with GI Specialist

Endocrine Conditions

Diabetes ManagementObesity and OverweightDietary CounsellingCare Co-ordination with Endocrinologist

Pre-travel consultation

MalariaMotion sicknessTraveler's diarrhea TyphoidZikaCOVID

Other Conditions

Minor Fall'sKnee PainShoulder PainWrist PainFinger PainHip PainLife TransitionsMinor Burn CarePre-Surgery EvaluationAdoption PlanningPost hospital discharge careMedication ManagementDepressionAnxietyPTSDStressPICC Line and Port-a-Cath Care