We are thankful for the unlimited plan. When my 1.5 year old daughter started crying non-stop and threw-up, I was worried sick. I did not know if I need to drive down all my children to an ER because our pediatrician's office was closed. Its a valuable plan for parents. I recommend this to all parents and the service was great.

-Nina B, Phoenix, AZ

My husband and I are first time parents. We are both pursuing a PhD program. It has been hard to stay up at night and take care of our child and do our routine work. Thanks to this service and the team of Pediatricians, I pick up the phone and call our Doctor for questions regarding Diaper rashes, Feeding issues, to name a few. The Pediatricians are very responsive. I have saved myself so many visits to the ED and Doctor's office. My child is not exposed to other sick kids, which is a great advantage. Kudos to the team! I would recommend this service highly for new parents!

-Sherri L, Duluth, GA

While on a business trip, my nanny called me saying that my daughter Lizzy had a rash. My subscription to this service was so helpful. The pediatrician got online within minutes, did a 3 way conference call with my Nanny and me. Lizzy was diagnosed with Roseola. I was about to take the next train back home or drive back at night, but thanks to the Doctor's at Pediatrics Healthcare Associates, I did not have to do so. Absolutely, worth every dime! I recommend this to every parent.

-Jose & Rose M, Milwaukee, WI

My son has diabetes and we signed up for the PHA unlimited plan. Our pediatrician has been such a blessing for us. Whenever we had questions about sugar spikes or how much son became very tired he was always available to see our child through Telemedicine. To answer all the questions or evaluate my son, Ethan. I was a nervous wreck before I found Pediatrics Healthcare Associates. Thank you! Thank you!

-Rob R, Philadelphia, PA