About us & Contact Us

Our Mission

To provide high-quality care at low cost to each child, each family, every time.

Our Vision

Our provider's and staff will be recognized for compassion, experience, knowledge and a commitment to excellence.

Our Values

  • Compassion

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Collaboration

  • Transparency

Message from our President

Welcome to Pediatric Healthcare Associates. We are excited that you are considering us for your healthcare needs. Our practice was formed due to the recognition of the need for low-cost medical care which does not compromise on the quality of care delivered. We work with the best board-certified pediatricians and subspecialists with years of experience who serve on our panel of experts. We also leverage technology to provide care and focus on telemedicine as a strategy to prevent and reduce emergency department visits which can be long and sometimes unnecessary.

We believe and integrate in our practice-

  • Empathy for patients, their families, and staff. We do more than treat the child; we practice family-centered care as the cornerstone of compassion.

  • Follow the highest standards of quality and safety and expect accountability from each other.

  • At all times, we approach our work with openness, transparency, and humility.

  • We work in partnership with patients, their families, staff, and providers. This spirit of respectful cooperation extends beyond our walls to our business partners and the community.

  • We embrace and find strength in the diversity of our patients, their families, staff, and community. We believe all children deserve exceptional care, the best outcomes, respect, and a safe environment.

  • We continually seek new and better solutions. Because of innovation springs from knowledge, we foster learning in all disciplines.

You will experience a friendly and supportive staff that is there to serve you. We welcome you to come, explore our practice, and allow us to be part of your family!

-Shel Dhir, President