What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a niche phenomenon that started appearing in more affluent areas about 15 years ago but based on the demand, flexible models have made appearances across a widening variety of demographics. Its a patient’s go-to for all of one’s medical needs and also acts as a patient advocate should specialists be required. As patients began having to lay out more money for medical services, they also demanded more time with their medical professional, and concierge medicine was born. Basically a subscription-based model, patients are charged an monthly fee and in exchange receive access to their doctor including same day appointments. Online Concierge medicine is a 21st century approach to the traditional Concierge medicine, it is virtual, fast, effective and more affordable. Connect to a pediatrician in minutes using either phone, tablet or computer.

Concierge Doctor

A concierge doctor is a doctor who doesn’t overbook their days. Patients pay an monthly fee, they can relax and feel that seeing a pediatrician won't be marked by spending insane amounts of time in a waiting room while their doctor rushes from patient to patient with time spent per patient amounting to a few minutes. On the contrary, a concierge pediatrician fights for his patients and often acts as their advocate, assisting with setting up specialist’s visits and medical testing as well as being responsible for collating all the test results. That is part of the commitment to better access and total care that concierge doctors offer their patients.

Conditions Treated

We are Pediatricians on demand and we are available for appointments from home, answering calls late and early morning, seeing your child on an emergency basis. We have a variety of conditions we can treat and manage on the website, but this is just the start. As board certified Pediatricians we are capable of seeing, diagnosing, prescribing and recommending a plan of action for almost all of you child's ailments.

Feel Like a VIP Patient

If you are tired of sitting forever in an overbooked doctor’s waiting room, then Online Concierge Pediatric Medicine is for you. We offer a budget friendly , affordable plan from the comfort of your home. if you dont want to be waiting on the doctor in the exam room, while he or she rushes in and spends 2 minutes rehashing what the nurse said, then rushing out to see another patient, leaving you with unasked and unanswered questions, then concierge medicine is something you should consider. Check out our Concierge Pediatric Unlimited plan. A new 21st-century approach to practicing medicine that puts patients first with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, click here to signup Now! Just fill in the form, our staff will get in touch to setup a complimentary appointment with the Pediatrician and setup you up with the plan.

Why signup for the Pediatric Concierge Unlimited plan

Easy & Convenient:

Connect to a Pediatrician Online in minutes with a click of a button. Use your phone, tablet or internet. At home pediatric or Doctor on demand!

Affordable Pediatrician:

At $49 per month for the family, its annual cost is cheaper than co-pay for a single visit to ER or Urgent Care. We pride ourselves for providing affordable doctors!

No health Insurance required

Its a perfect solution for families offering peace of mind. Its great for families with High Deductible Health Plans or families with no insurance. We are no health insurance required to see a Pediatrician!

Kids only

We only serve babies, kids and young adults up-to the age of 21 years. We specialize in care for children only!